Welcome to LbL Internet Marketing.

Eddie van AkenMy name is Eddie Vanaken.

There a a few things I do on this website. I write like I talk, so don't expect any fancy words. I don’t like complicated, so I try to make it as simple as I can to explain things.

Why LbL?. Because I lived near land between the lakes in Kentucky.
A beautiful peace of nature, just in my backyard at that time.

My hobby’s are digital Photography and editing. I am a Nikon fanatic. Love the quality of their lenses. This is just an out of control hobby, and I wish I had more time to spend on my photography. But with a business like internet marketing, there is not much time left.

I have always been interested in internet en its possibility’s, and in my opinion it still is in its baby shoes and will get bigger and bigger.
20 year ago I had a dial up connection and windows came on 20 floppy diskettes. Now  I have high speed internet, a webcam, cd roms, and many more high tech things. Most people have internet access on there cell phone. Many business offer free WI-Fi internet connections.

I have always been a small town boy and that is why I am more interested in helping local business with there internet marketing adventure, then any thing else. Feel free to look around on this website and contact me with any questions you have. Eddie Vanaken.