Question: Why do I need a web site? Although you do not really need a website, it can make the total marketing of your  business complete. Being there 24/7 for your customers can make a big difference.

Question: Can I make more money with a website: Yes you can. If your customers have  access to a computer and a internet connection you can promote your business day and night.

Question: how much time is this going to cost me. Just as much as you want to. It is like anything else, the more time and effort  you put in it, the better it gets. In this case it could also mean, the more money you can make.

Question: I do not know how to do all this? This is where we can help you with. Look on our product page and or contact us for more information.

Question: Can you guarantee that I will make more money? No, I can not guarantee that you will be successful and make money. But like any other business advertising and visibility is very important. And a website can make this happen.

Question: How do I get my customers to find me?  We have several ways of promoting your website and make your customers find it. With a website for local businesses this is a different approach then a website for a more wider area. Contact us and let us help you with this. You can also have a look at our page about search engine optimizing by clicking on this link.