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What is search engine optimizing?

At Lbl Internet marketing this is one of the internet marketing products we can help you with.

Before we talk about optimizing a website for the search engines I will give a little explanation about what a search engine is.
I think we have all used a search engine or have heard people talked about it. You probably have heard many times things like “I will Google it”, or “I will look it up online”, or something like that.

What we mean is that we go to and do a search for a word or a phrase, and google will give us the most relevant websites for that word or phrase.
Why I mention Google is because this is the largest search engine, and good for about 65 % of the searches people do. Other big search engines are Yahoo and Bing.

A search on Google will give you the most relevant websites for the keyword that you typed in.

Let me give you an example.

A barber shop would like to be found for the phrase “hair cut” or maybe “beauty salon”.
But a hardware store would like to be found for different words.

This is where we can help you. Our job is to tell the search engines that your website is the best optimized for your keyword.

Meaning that if someone types in your keyword, that your website shows up on the first pageand people will click on it.
The whole process of Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) depends on several factors like:

  • How much competition for you keyword.
  • How many keywords.
  • The market you are in.

I hope that this article made it easier for you to understand Search Engine Optimizing and the importance for your business website.
Lbl internet marketing is specialized in local SEO and we will be glad to help you with taking you website to the next level and provide you with more exposure for your business in that way.

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Eddie Vanaken
Elkton, Kentucky