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Why choose LbL internet marketing for your Tennessee webdesign?

Everyone can build a free website on the internet. Why would you us to do it?

You can do your own car maintenance also. But you need to learn all the tricks of the trade, and buy all the special tools to do that.

>Website building is the same. There are many things that you have to take in consideration when you built a website.

At Lbl internet marketing we know all the tricks of the trade and have all the special web design tools. We know exactly where on the screen to put the right phrases and pictures. The time span to “catch” peoples attention is about 10 seconds. After that they will hit the “back” button.

Having Your Own Website Is Like Having:

  • Internet real estate
  • A 24/7 sales person
  • Affordable advertising
  • Owning your own bill board
  • get customer feed back

Customers preferences changes constantly

At Lbl internet marketing we keep updating your website to the latest trends and researches.
Here is an example: The last year there is a big shift in people using their cell phone and many other mobile devices for internet searches. Most websites are not optimized to be shown on a cell phone. At Lbl internet marketing, we have all our websites updated to be displayed on cell phone and other mobile devices.

After reading this post I hope you realize how important it is to have your own well designed and maintained, website for your business. If you would like to read more about website building scroll down to this page. There I have made a small list of things that have to be done before a website will be shown on the internet.

Contact us on our Get A Free Quote page, for a free consultation about your special situation, and we will come up with an affordable solution to build you a website for your business. Our prices start at $499.00 for a 5 pages website.

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Eddie Vanaken


Website building and Design

Here is a short list of some things that have to be done to build a website.

  • Find a website name that is not already used and tells what your business is about
  • Register this name so that no one else in the world can use this name.
  • Find a website hosting company. They will provide the technical stuff to show your website on the internet
  • Decide on the website building software to use for your site. (We use WordPress, because the search engines like it)
  • The layout of your site, like how many pages and what comes on these pages.
  • Write you privacy policy, and contact page>

After this the real work starts. Building the content of your website for your specific situation.

We will be doing this in close contact with you, so you can make the mayor decisions. After all it is your website.

Contact us at 270-350-0856 to help us design your personal, business or organization website.