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About Me

Here you can read more about me, Edward van Aken, the person behind Lbl Internet Marketing.

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My story so far…

Internet marketing is fast paced. That is why I keep up with all the latest trends and technology.

I started this adventure in 2006 by signing up for my first web design course and building my first website.

Since then I have build dozens of websites for clients and for myself.

I lost count on how many more courses I took and still take.

Keeping up with an industry as internet marketing is something you have to do daily.

For that reason, I am a member of several web design and SEO communities.

Although I am experienced in every part of internet marketing my passion is web design for small businesses.

More About me

I am born in the Netherlands and moved to the US in 2006.

I have been living in western Kentucky for many years now and don’t think I will ever move away from here.

I fell in love with web design and that is where my passion is.

I live in Elkton and as a small business myself I know how hard it is to run a local business.

Before I decided to do full-time internet marketing and in particular web design I was the owner of my full-service restaurant.

Why I have affordable prices?

I can keep my prices low because, compared to bigger companies, I have lower overhead expenses.

I work from home and that means no expensive office, no flashy company car, no staff.

You work directly with me!

Edward van Aken

Edward van Aken

Ready to get started?

Contact me and let’s talk about what I can do to help you.

The first step is always hard to take. I believe that every business, small or big, needs a website nowadays.

The fact is that most consumers look online at a company before visiting them.

Without a website, you might loos new, or existing customers.

Edward van Aken