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At Lbl Internet marketing SEO is one of the pillars of our internet marketing products we can help you with.

If you are in a hurry you can see all our SEO packages here.

A simple explanation for SEO is that we are in the internet real estate business.

Meaning that we move business websites from a bad neighborhood to a better neighborhood. This better neighborhood is the first page of Google.

Before we talk about optimizing a website for the search engines I will give a little explanation about what a search engine is.
I think we have all used a search engine or have heard people talked about it. You probably have heard many times things like “I will Google it”, or “I will look it up online”, or something like that.

What we mean is that we go to and do a search for a word or a phrase, and Google will give us the most relevant websites for that word or phrase.

Why I mention Google is because this is the largest search engine, and good for about 65 % of the searches people do. Other big search engines are Yahoo and Bing.
A search on Google will give you the most relevant websites for the keyword that you typed in.

Let me give you an example.

A barber shop would like to be found for the phrase “hair cut” or maybe “beauty salon”.
But a hardware store would like to be found for different words and for law firm you need an other set of keywords

This is where we can help you. Our job is to tell the search engines that your website is the best optimized for your keyword.

Meaning that if someone types in your keyword, that your website shows up on the first page, and people will click on it.
The whole process of Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) depends on several factors like:

How much competition for you keyword.How many keywords.The market you are in.

Old-style SEO

A few years ago all you had to do is put the keyword that you would like to rank for in the page several times but nowadays that does not work anymore. Google did a major update that looked at all the sites that did this keyword stuffing and penalized them with lower rankings.

I hope that this article made it easier for you to understand Search Engine Optimizing and the importance for your business website.
Having a strong web design is important but if your customers can not find your site you need to let us do SEO.
New Style SEO

Google is getting smarter every day and is able to find websites with bad SEO and if this is the case they can drop your website our of their index or give it a penalty and you will not receive any visitors.

New-Style SEO

I am not sure if there is a new style of doing SEO. SEO is a constant changing animal and just like any other business model you have to adapt to new demands and optimize your strategies. What works great today might be less effective tomorrow.

I use total white hat tactics that will never lead to any problems and will only improve the ranking of your website in the search engines.

One of the things that can have a huge impact is what is called on page SEO. The words and sentences used on your website in combination with giving you readers to find more related information on a different page is very important.

By using the right on-page and of-site SEO your website rank rank for many keywords.


Another thing is that other websites talk about you and let their readers know about your content and where they can find it. This is called a backlink and although important it also something that has to be done according to our white hat guidelines.

Lbl internet marketing is specialized in SEO, and we will be glad to help you with taking you website to the next level and provide you with more exposure for your business in that way.

Does SEO have good ROI

SEO done the right way can have a huge ROI. More visitors to your website means more sales in most cases. On the other side can SEO done wrong have a very negative impact.

Edward van Aken